Yoga and Wellbeing Waiver Agreement

Health and Medical concerns

Please inform your teacher in writing before each class, of any recent injury, illness, surgery or any other conditions or events that may affect your child’s ability or focus during class. This can be done by emailing

Please read carefully and sign agreement or select checkbox for:
yourself if you are attending class,

or on behalf of your attending children who are under 18:

I acknowledge that the person/people attending are fit and well, and able to participate in the light exercise or Yoga we might do. They will take responsibility and care for themselves during class. All physical activity involves some risk of injury and each attendee must accept full personal responsibility for any personal injuries that may be sustained.  It is my responsibility to get medical clearance to practice exercise/Yoga with respect to any past or present injury, illness, medication or any condition that may affect my participation/my children’s participation. 

Covid-19 policy

  • Students must not attend class if they are unwell.

  • Students are to wash or sanitise hands before class.

  • Students need to bring their own mat and any other props they would like to use.

I agree to follow the Covid-19 policy above.


Online classes only

For online classes, I have a safe place, free of obstructions, to undertake the class in. I will dress in clothing that is not restrictive.


For online classes, I agree not to record the class, unless a prior agreement has been made with the teacher. Any recording made is the Intellectual Property of the teacher.