Siobhan Tierney - Yoga and Meditation As

Kids, Tween & Teen

Yoga & Wellbeing

Classes for 10-16 year olds

“My girls have been going to yogajoeys since the start of the year and have gotten so much from the classes. Particularly in these anxious times, it's been a great practice for them to get in to”  - Brooke Powell

Tweens & Teens

Mondays 5 - 6pm 


Where Taylor Range Country Club, 28 Greenlanes Road, Ashgrove

When Term 2 2022 (7 week Yoga term) 
Starts Monday 9 May

Casual attendance is also available to try the class.

Or book for the term and save $!

Ages 10 - 16 years

Mondays 5 - 6pm


Just bring a Yoga mat and a water bottle, and wear comfortable clothes.

Expressions of interest open for Kids Yoga on Mondays at 4pm-drop us a line if you're interested.

Siobhan Tierney - Yoga and Meditation As
Siobhan Tierney - Yoga and Meditation As
Siobhan Tierney - Yoga and Meditation As

Yoga for children is totally different to an adult’s Yoga class! Children develop life skills and learn about themselves in a fun, connective, safe environment.

Yoga & Wellbeing classes gently guide kids, tweens and teens to develop strength of body and mind during a period of big changes.


Students build strength, flexibility and coordination through physical postures. They are empowered through mindfulness and life skills to reduce stress and anxiety, and increase focus and wellbeing.


They will experience uninterrupted and blissful relaxation and reflection. They make new connections in a fun and supportive environment, and leave class with a sense of peace.

I place huge value on creating a safe space for this age group, where each individual feels safe and valued as a unique member of the group.

I LOVE assisting this age group to be their own guides, learn to listen to their bodies, and be compassionate to themselves and others. If you’d discovered Yoga at this young age, do you think you would have dealt with life’s challenges a little differently?

I certainly do.


My courses for your children and young adults are uplifting and empowering. I’ll guide them to learn about their unique identity and their connection to others and the world around them through work on mindset using the latest evidence-based techniques and concepts drawn from Neuroscience and Psychology, such as metacognition, growth mindset, self-compassion and resilience.


They’ll learn to believe in themselves, and see for themselves what amazing and unique beings they truly are!

Yoga & Wellbeing classes with me could be an amazing tool for your child if you think they’d benefit from any of these things…

  • Developing strength of mind and character

  • Connecting with others and making new friends in a positive environment

  • Reducing stress or anxiety

  • Knowing how to calm themselves

  • Increasing focus

  • Exercising in a supportive environment that’s not competitive

  • Calming his or her nervous system 

  • Relaxing with no distractions

  • Increasing growth mindset and resilience

  • Learning about their uniqueness

Siobhan Tierney - Yoga and Meditation As

Important to know...

No prior knowledge or experience is needed. All levels of fitness, strength and flexibility are welcome in my classes. I’ll meet your child where they’re at, and gently encourage them to have a go at a practice designed to benefit them, using positive language, with no judgement.


I’m one of only a handful of Yoga Australia’s “Registered Children's and Teens” teachers in Queensland and I’ve been teaching Tweens and Teens in schools, studios and privately since 2015.  Separately to my adult Yoga credentials, I’m certified in over 200 hours of specialist Yoga and Meditation training specifically for children and teens.

But more importantly, I want to make a difference to the lives of this age group, and I’ll do my very best to help them grow and flourish. And the life skills and self-regulation they’ll learn will have a positive knock-on effect on your family life.

Siobhan Tierney - Yoga and Meditation As

“If every 8 year old in the world is taught meditation, we will eliminate violence from the world within one generation.”

Dalai Lama