for schools

Our programs are aligned to the HPE curriculum, and the personal and social elements of the national curriculum.

Workshops for schools and incursion workshops are tailored to meet the needs of the school . Just pick the topics that will be most useful and relevant for the year group. 

Workshop duration can be tailored to your requirements, from a 90 minute workshop, to a full day workshop.

These workshops are inclusive, supportive and offer gentle encouragement to each child. Time is spent at the beginning of each workshop building connection with the children so they feel safe within the space.

The activities include evidence-based techniques and are influenced by Positive Psychology and Social and Emotional Learning.


Programs are delivered through active, fun and creative activities such as movement (Yoga, exercise or Dance), group discussions, trust and relationship building, drama, games, mindfulness, craft, and reflection (discussion or worksheets).

Attendees leave our workshops feeling positive, more confident, motivated and self-aware. They will be empowered to meet their full potential, as well as making a positive contribution to the culture of the school.


These workshops are also available for community groups, dance schools, sporting clubs and privately.

Workshop Themes

The following list showcases our workshop themes.  


These can be adjusted and tailored to specific requirements if preferred.


Your Unique Identity

Growth Mindset




Goal Setting

Positive Friendships

Friendship Boundaries

Friendship Fires