Siobhan Tierney - Yoga and Meditation As

Hi, I'm Siobhan and I'm so looking forward to sharing the practice of yoga with you.

Yoga and Meditation have provided me with healing tools for my mind and body. I feel that these practices have been the greatest gift to me, teaching me how to care for myself so I can then go out and care for others.  I love to share the healing power of Yoga and Meditation and would love to share this with you when you're ready.

I’ve been practising for nearly 15 years, starting with Hot Yoga in London. My sister introduced me to a class and I was hooked. Hot Yoga was a fantastic workout and I felt amazing after each class. It took me a while to realise that the biggest benefits I was actually gaining were mental and emotional. In my busy corporate job where I travelled all over Europe I was feeling calmer.  I was more able to deal with the stress of managing clients, my team of techies, and the brokerage and trading systems that we were responsible for.

After each class my busy mind was clear and I was experiencing a sense of inner peace that I’d never felt before. Yet at the same time I was full of energy!

Throw in a few years, a young family, a few different styles of Yoga, and I found myself attending multiple Yoga Teacher Trainings in Brisbane, Australia under the guidance of Celia Roberts of Biyome and Loraine Rushton of Zenergy. 

I'm a strong believer that you don't need to be flexible or strong to start Yoga. Just start wherever you are now.​ You'll soon feel the benefits!

I realise now that Yoga is not about looking a certain way in a posture. It’s about finding your quiet space inside, and perhaps making a few discoveries about yourself along the way (if you’re into that). I keep going back to Yoga and Meditation because they ground me and provide me with life skills I can use everyday. Such as how to breathe properly. And how to shift my energy if I’m feeling very tired but need to focus.


Yoga teaches us to “pause” before we react, and become truly aware of our emotions and belief systems. I believe that a Yoga practice transfers it’s benefits across to other areas of everyday life, such as parenting and relationships.

I love to teach the whole family...adults, teens and children, because I believe Yoga has so much to offer each one of you. I love to teach the corporate world because of my background and how Yoga helped me when I was working a high-pressure corporate job. 


I’d love to see you at one of my classes so please check out my different offerings.


  • Yoga Australia Level 2 (500 hours) teacher (YIMI/Biyome)

  • Yoga Australia registered children's Yoga teacher

  • iRest Yoga Nidra Meditation training - Biyome

  • Food and Mood therapy and Meditation training - Biyome

  • Yoga Therapy for Trauma training - Biyome

  • Yoga for Lower back and sacro-iliac stability certificate - Donna Farhi

  • Children's Yoga Teacher Training - over 300 hours of training just in children's Yoga

  • Foundation, Advanced, Mastery, Business Leadership - Zenergy

  • Yoga Therapy & Special Needs Yoga Therapy - Zenergy

  • "Girl Power" wellbeing instructor training

  • Blue card holder

  • First Aid and CPR certified

  • Fully insured with public liability

Currently completing 330 hours Meditation Australia certificate.

Currently completing 1000 hours Yoga Therapist certificate.