Siobhan Tierney - Yoga and Meditation As

Hi, I'm Siobhan, thanks for stopping here!

I've held several different roles. In the corporate world, as a Mother, and as a Yoga and Meditation teacher. Each of these roles offered me opportunities to learn, which led me to find my motivation and passion - teaching Wellbeing and Yoga programs to children and teens.


In the corporate world, as well as receiving a wonderful grounding in business, communication and leadership, I also learnt about stress and its effects on the mind and body.


As a mother to three beautiful children, I've been challenged to question my perspectives and beliefs, and have gone down a path of educating myself on child development, neuroscience and Psychology.


As a Yoga and Meditation practitioner and teacher I've learnt how the mind works, how the mind and body are connected, and how the ancient teachings from both traditions still apply to our lives today. I've learnt how to concentrate and be aware, and most importantly about how compassion for the self and others is my key to a happier existence.

Yoga and Meditation have provided me with healing tools for my mind and body. These practices have taught me how to care for myself so I can then go out and care for others.  

This journey led me to my passion, creating and delivering Wellbeing programs for children and teens in Brisbane, Australia.


I'm driven to pass on to this age group the many life skills I've learnt from Yoga and Meditation. I've used the knowledge gained on my many trainings and through my own experience, including my education as a Wellbeing instructor, to create unique and positive programs that will empower youth, and give them the tools to feel more confident and content with who they truly are. 

I teach accessible techniques and life skills that can be incorporated in your everyday life in a common-sense way.  I love to teach about how things such as breathing can be done in a certain way to immediately change how you feel, create that "pause" you might need, and improve the functioning of the nervous system.

Interested to read more about my programs?  Have a look at the "Workshops" page, or see what I'm currently offering under "Bookings".


  • Wellbeing instruction certified - Girl Power Workshops

  • Meditation Teacher certification (330 hours) including Trauma awareness and irest Yoga Nidra

  • Yoga Australia Level 2 teacher 

  • Yoga Australia registered children's Yoga teacher

  • Yoga for Lower back and sacro-iliac stability certificate - Donna Farhi

  • Children's Yoga Teacher Training - over 300 hours of training just in children's Yoga

  • Foundation, Advanced, Mastery, Business Leadership - Zenergy

  • Yoga Therapy & Special Needs Yoga Therapy - Zenergy

  • Blue card holder

  • First Aid and CPR certified

  • Fully insured with public liability

Currently completing 1000 hours Yoga Therapist certificate. This will qualify me as a Yoga Therapist and Senior Yoga teacher.